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corporate TRAINING


L.B.T.I. conducts manpower training programs both at center and at source place for schools, corporate and young business houses.


Training the Trainers – to increase trainer efficiency and achieve better results. there is always a need to increase efficiency of existing manpower and at time people who are not full time trainers, but are good and efficient are handed additional duties to train lower level recruits and even fresh interns. This might not give the desired results. so we offer short term training modules to help inexperienced trainers acquire much needed help.

Customized Program As Per Need

  1. Skill based training
  2. Motivational discussions
  3. Method & approach Directions
  4. Structuring and re – structuring present modules
  5. Useful tips and guidance
  6. Mapping weak areas
  7. Functional remedies
  8. Evaluation 

We provide assistance to Schools, Private Enterprises and Companies too.

We have conducted such training programs for medical entrepreneurs, Army, Small Startup schools, in service teachers at source.

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